Interactive Storytelling

Skin To Live In

Skin To Live In


Role: Senior Art Director, Weber Shandwick 

Skin To Live In is a Novartis site that aims to build a community for people with various skin diseases. Working alongside our UX team, we redesigned the site aiming for a lifestyle magazine look and feel. The goal was for it not to feel like a pharma site, while offering visitors practical advice and solutions for everyday challenges of their condition.


Design Approach

The site addresses two main audiences: those living with Urticaria, and Psoriasis sufferers. Our main challenge was that although these are both skin disorders, the diseases are very different.

The old design and structure made it difficult for each audience to find the content that applies to them. Many of the articles on the site are general in nature, creating challenges around where to place them and where to direct users after reading an article.


Compelling Storytelling

Minimalistic illustrations were designed to tell the story of each condition in a whimsical fashion while keeping content educational.