Interactive Storytelling

Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando App


Role: Art Director, User Experience, NBCUniversal

UO engaged our user experience team to create a consumer facing app to enhance the users in-park experience. We created a POC based on a series of positioning principles, that delivered a mobile strategy that extended beyond the device. This concept also aligned all digital channels to deliver a consistent experience to consumers before, during, and after their amazing adventure at Universal Orlando.


Tell A Compelling Brand Story


The app presents an opportunity to position Universal Orlando as a one-stop destination for family entertainment. An app guide / wizard helps make the experience fun.

Tell a compelling brand story |  App guide / wizard

Create Monetization Opportunities


Users should enjoy every part of the app, including promotions. A database of targeted promotions that are so convenient and integrated into the experience that they would make commerce welcome—even entertaining.

Create monetization opportunities |  Targeted notifications

Foster Connections


We can help friends and families stay connected while they experience everything the resort has to offer. And in doing so, we make our app a more valuable and more integrated part of their day.

Foster connections |  Friend locator

Simplify the Experience


There’s so much to see and do at the parks that it can be overwhelming. And visitors want to fit it all into their trip. The app provides a simplified view of all the options and information available to guests.

Simplify the experience |  Attraction landing page

Entertain at Every Turn


The app should be as fun and exciting as the park. That means enhancing activities like day planning or waiting in line with unexpected, animated disruptions that feature notable characters.

Entertain at every turn |  Bring the park experience into vacation planning